FSA English/Writing Tutoring Schedule



Feb 6     – Writing Intro to writing and reading the texts
Feb 8     – Writing Thesis and Organization (adding transitions)
Feb 13  – Writing Evidence and Elaboration
Feb 15  – Key Ideas  & Details (fiction)
Feb 20  – Key & Details (Info Text)
Feb 22  – Craft & Structure (fiction)
Feb 27  – Craft & Structure (Info Text)
Mar 1    – Integration of Knowledge (fiction)
Mar 6    – Integration of Knowledge (Info Text)
Mar 8    – Vocabulary in Context
Mar 13 – Figurative Language
Mar 15 – Tone Words and How to Identify
Apr 3     – Language and Editing (punctuation and capitalization)
Apr 5     – Language and Editing (parallel structure and word choice)


  • Key Ideas and Details

    Students read closely to understand information. They cite
    textual evidence to support inferences/conclusions. They
    analyze development and interaction of central ideas, themes,
    individuals, events, or ideas. They summarize key concepts.


  • Craft and Structure

    Students interpret connotative and figurative meanings of
    words/phrases. They analyze how word choice affects meaning/
    tone and how text structures impact the text. They determine
    the effects of point of view or purpose.


  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

    Students integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media formats. They evaluate arguments for claims, validity, relevance, and sufficient evidence. They analyze treatment of similar themes or topics.


  • Language and Editing

    Students demonstrate command of the conventions of standard
    English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and


  • Text-Based Writing

    Students draw relevant evidence from various texts to support a
    claim or controlling idea. They produce clear and coherent
    writing with development, organization, and style appropriate
    to task, purpose, and audience.

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