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First NameLast NameDepartment
Kristti Page Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Parker Career & Tech- Tech Education
Christina Parrish Language Arts
Brenda Peacock ESE & Math
Beth Piccolo JROTC
Lindsey Piotrowski Social Studies
Scott Reeve Fine & Performing Arts - Art
Carol Rine Fine & Performing Arts - Art
Marcus Sale Social Studies
Jody Schnell Fine & Performing Arts - Music
Margaret Seeley Language Arts
Erica Seeuwen Language Arts
Carolynn Sickerman Fine & Performing Arts - Art
Jessica Sims District Add On
Carl Skakal Social Studies
Hannah Stewart Math
Rick Sylvester Language Arts
Vessana Tant Math
Bruce Taws Fine & Performing Arts - Drama
Rhonda Tidwell Language Arts
Corey Tobias Math
Joshua Vandergrift Social Studies
John Wade Science
Lois Walsh Science
Chad Weeks Career & Tech - Business

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