FAQ – Guidance/Academic Info

How can I contact a teacher or administrator?

The faculty roster contains the e-mail addresses for all of Mosley’s teachers. Direct calls to the classroom are not allowed in order to eliminate classroom disruptions.

How can I get my high school transcript?

You can send in a request and pay for your transcript here.

How do you set up a parent-teacher conference?

You can set up a meeting with your student’s teacher by emailing your student’s guidance counselor or by calling the Guidance Department and speaking to Ms. Kirkland. Her number is (850) 767-4426, and she will direct you to the appropriate counselor.

What are the dates for this year’s standardized tests?

The 2015-2016 testing calendar can be found here.

Where is the summer reading information listed?

The summer reading can be found both here and on the Mosley MAPPS website.

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