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We are very excited to offer the Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) program, with its flexibility and strict confidentiality at no cost to you.  If you have questions about this support resource, please call the MFLC at Mosley High School at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Military Family Life Counselor Program?

Because military families face unique challenges, especially during this time of war, the Department of Defense provides professional, licensed counselors who offer non-medical solution-focused counseling to Service members and their families, children, and the staff of Mosley High School.

Called Military Family Life Counselors or MFLCs (pronounced “em-flaks”), they serve each branch of the military service at every installation around the world, at no cost to families.

How do we know counseling will be confidential?

Our MFLC works in partnership with the military and with the school but, as a DOD program, maintains some independence to ensure strict confidentiality. For example,

  • MFLCs keep no records of who they speak with
  • provide consultation at times and locations you select for privacy and convenience (except in your home)

The only exception to strict confidentiality is federal, state or military reporting requirements for domestic violence, child abuse and duty-to-warn situations.

What kind of issues does the MFLC help with?

Military families experience many changes so supporting people through change is the most common issue. The MFLC provides counseling for other issues that are likely to improve in a short period of time. Examples are:

  • School adjustment
  • Deployment and reintegration adjustment
  • Parent-child communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • Managing anger;
  • Bullying
  • Self-esteem and confidence;
  • Behavioral management techniques;
  • Enhancing sibling & parental relationships;
  • Stress management.

How does counseling help…exactly what does the MFLC do?

The MFLC helps in a number of roles using several methods, for example the MFLC:

  • Facilitates deployment groups at the school
  • Coaches effective behaviors that put solution plans into action
  • Facilitates skills development groups for staff or parents
  • Helps with referrals to military social services and community resources
  • Observes and engages in activities with children
  • Is visible at events for outreach to parents
  • Coaches students on Bullying Prevention strategies and skills, stress management, social skills

The MFLC has some independence from the Military and the school to help protect our confidentiality…so how can I be sure it’s okay for my child to see the MFLC?

There are strict quality controls for the MFLC Program. For example:

  • The MFLC does not begin one-to-one work with a child unless a parent or guardian has signed a Parent Permission Form available from the Guidance Counselor or Front Office staff or on the MHS website.
  • The MFLC will never meet with a child unless in the line-of-sight of a school employee, a parent or guardian.
  • The Department of Defense continuously monitors MFLC Program performance in relation to strict MFLC policies and procedures..

For more information about MFLC services contact CYB-MFLC on site at Mosley High School directly at (850)598-2726.

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