T-Shirt Fundraiser Days

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Favorite T-shirt Day rules:

These days are for shirts only, not pants, skirts, shoes, etc.  T-shirts or collared shirts must be appropriate (no suggestive language, slogans, art work, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) must be regular t-shirts or collared shirts with sleeves (not torn, not too short, not see-thru, no tank tops, etc.)  Shirts only, and, no skin or briefs are to show!

Each sponsoring group is responsible for setting up two locations (the commons area and the hall at the end of attendance are the two locations for t-shirt payment) before school where students may purchase their hand stamp to be legal to wear non-dress code shirts. Your club may set up more locations, but two is the minimum. Visiting 1st period classrooms to catch last minute students will be limited to the first 10 minutes of class to avoid disrupting class time.  Please speak with your club representatives about being respectful and not disruptive when they visit these classes.

Each group will be responsible for “advertising” their T-shirt day on DTV and with signs.  $1.00 per student.   Please be sure you have completed appropriate paperwork with Sheila Cook and Brianna Rafiyan to hold a fundraiser.  

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