Foreign Language/Culture Clubs

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Robin Driscoll
President: Emily Spice
VP: Elaina Walker
Secretary: Anna Zipes
Treasurer: Anneke Klip

Spanish Club is a fun and exciting club that is open to anyone who has taken or is planning to take a Spanish class and would like to learn more about Hispanic culture. The members of Spanish Club participate in a variety of activities. Not only do we work to broaden cultural awareness and serve our community, but we have a lot of fun too!

Dues are $10 for new members and $5 for returning members.  Turn them in to Mrs. Driscoll B579 or any Spanish Club officer.  Watch DTV for our upcoming meeting dates and times.

Updated on Oct. 3 2017

Latin Club

Latin Club
Sponsor: Amy Hughes
President: Alexis Rogers
Vice President: Cali Woodham
Secretary: Skyler Lubin
Treasurer: Emily Connors
The purpose of Latin Club is to promote ancient Latin culture and language, to socialize with other Latin students, and to serve in the community.

Updated: 9/26/2018



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