Foreign Language/Culture Clubs

Spanish Club

Sponsor: Robin Henne
President: Amelia Oliver
VP: Sarah Grace Wirick
Secretary: Emily Cobb
Treasurer: Jessica Fuque
Historian: JD Keltner, Anna Knight
Mascots: Harry Seto, Brody Golden 


Spanish Club is a fun and exciting club that is open to anyone who has taken or is planning to take a Spanish class and would like to learn more about Hispanic culture. The members of Spanish Club participate in a variety of activities. Not only do we work to broaden cultural awareness and serve our community, but we have a lot of fun too!


    • Socials at Mexican restaurants
    • Piñatas for homecoming booth
    • Festival of Nations
    • Iron man
    • Gulf Coast Triathlon

Updated on Oct. 3 2017

Latin Club

Sponsor: Amy Hughes
President:  Lauren Polmes
VP:  Jeffery Robinson
Secretary: Abigal Slate
Treasurer: Keirnen Pipes


Latin club is for any student who is taking Latin or who has taken Latin. The club aims to increase the school’s awareness of the importance of Roman culture and the language in today’s society. We are involved in several service projects throughout the year and school activities such as the homecoming carnival.

Updated on Oct. 3 2017

photo 3 (1)International Club

Sponsor: Francesca Zago
President: Taylor Campbell
VP: Angela Shank
Secretary: Janessa Torres
Treasurer: Bryce Bennett
Historian: Natalie Smith

To explore and celebrate different cultures of the world, enriching our knowledge and encouraging cultural diversity in and around or community. To participate actively in community activities and festivals around Panama City by partnering with local organizations.



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