Special Interests Clubs

Anime Club

Sponsor: Patrick Hair
President: James Hosford
Vice President: Adrianna Daye
Secretary: Parker Winn
Treasurer:Nicholas Whittaker

The goals of the Anime Club are to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese animation and Japanese culture. Any Mosley student may join. Anime club tries to find one regional convention each year to attend. A typical meeting includes watching anime and discussing the characters and plot. Students are encouraged to share anime they have enjoyed with others in the club in hopes of providing a new interest for fellow members.

Art Club

Sponsor:Scott Reeve
President: Tyler Reeve
Vice President: Shay Wommack
Secretary: Nathan McElwain
Treasurer: Xavier Winkleman

Application required, along with a love of art!
Community Service projects and school support through the arts.

Book Club

Sponsor:Erica Seeuwen
President: Amber Scott
Vice President: Allysa Chesterfield
Historian: Katie Platt


Book club meets once a month to discuss a book that they have read and express their opinions, likes, dislikes, etc. Members choose the book that they want, come up with discussion questions, and bring snacks. All interested students are welcome.


Sponsor: Andrew Barrera
President: Austin Lynch


Bible Club

Sponsor: Marcus Sale
President: Ben Johnson


Chess Club

Sponsor: Marcus Sale
President: Charles Barber
Vice President: Lorenzo Walker
Secretary: Jackson Richards
Treasurer: Jace Allen
Historian: Allysa Chesterfield

Every Friday afternoon we play chess. If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry, we teach! Just show up and play. We meet in room 520


Sponsor: Jody Schnell
President: Izzy Williams
Vice President:  Katie Spalding & Nicole McNeese
Secretary: Elena Hutchison
Librarian: Rylee McNaron&  Janessa Torres

Choir is a co-curricular program that incorporates opportunities for singing both in the academic day and after school activities.

Chronically Strong

Sponsor: Mrs. Mandy / Mrs. Bennett / Mrs. Chesser
President: Emily Hobbs
Vice President: Tiffany Tindell

An outlet and safe place for teens with chronic illnesses to come and vent and to be with supportive non-judgemental people.


Drama Club

Sponsor: Bruce Taws
President: Jennifer Hilsdon
Vice President: Josie Adsit

Secretary:  Kaitlyn Weaver
Treasurer: Tori Vargas
Historian: Madison Eddy and Taylor Campbell
Publicity: Maggie Jones and Paola Ruiz

Mosley Drama supports the various theatrical productions throughout the year, including our fall show, The Crucible; Our Spring musical, Mary Poppins; and our musical theater class production of Singin’ in The Rain jr.

FCA (Fellowship Of Christian Athletes)

Sponsor: Bryan Daniels
Vice President: N/A
Leadership team:Lindsey Talkington, Camryn May, Eva MacNally, Ella Swigler, Ben Pehr, John Miller

Description: FCA is an international parachurch ministry that exists to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Mosley’s FCA meets every Friday 8 AM in the gym for a devotional and fellowship. Everyone is welcome.

FCS (Fellowship of Christian Students)

Sponsor: Matt Teplicek
President: Camryn May
Vice President: Branden Pacer
Treasurer: Haleigh Dutton 
Secretary: Laurabelle Corbin 
Historian: Hayden Henneberg &Ali Payne 

FCS serves to bring the light of Jesus into the hearts of the student body. The requirement to be in the club is 15$. We meet every Tuesday to worship and eat donuts.

Gay Straight Alliance

Sponsor:Jenny Collier
President: David Chandler
Vice President:Melissa Cole
Secretary: Zach Martin
Treasurer:Brandi Jones

Gay Straight Alliance is a group of students who want to build a more knowledgeable, inclusive, and supportive environment for all members of the Mosley community. Membership is welcome to all students– LBGT, friends and allies– who seek to make Mosley a safe and positive place for everyone.

Mosley Pre-Med (Health Occupations Students of America) (HOSA)

Sponsor:Dr. John Wade
President:Henley Bergloff
Vice President: Markayla Jones & Paola Ruiz
Historian: Mary-Elise Morrow
Reporter: Allison Martin

The purpose of this club is to prepare students who are interested in a career in the health care profession. there are monthly pre-med mornings with dissections where health care professionals in our local area meet with the students to give them a first hand look at what they do in their line of work. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA (incoming freshman are accepted and evaluated at the end of their freshman year).

Model United Nations Debate Club

Sponsor: Mrs. Seeley
President: Paris Kemeny
Vice President: Tori Vargas
Advisor: Veronica Kemeny

Mosley Model United Nations Debate Team is a fun fast paced club where students learn the art of debate. Students role play as international delegates and simulate U.N committees. The top debaters will go to the University of Miami’s Spring conference to compete against 500 international students. The club is open to everyone and works to prepare students in public-speaking which they will use their whole life!

Never thirst

Sponsor:Ms. Lucas
President:Caylee Smith
Vice President: Thomas Stone
Secretary: Peyton Breland
Treasurer: JD kelther
Historian: Kassidy Stringer

The Mosley Never Thirst Club raises $3,000+ a year to build a well in Africa, India, or Cambodia. Club members help us raise the money by participating in selling t-shirt ads, or participating in our various fundraisers.

Outdoor Ed. Club

Sponsor:Coach Wilkie
President:Carson Shores
Vice President:Cole Clavijo
Secretary:Hannah Tew
Treasurer:Anna Claire Griffitts

Our love for the outdoors helps us to build lifelong friendships with people who share our same passions.

Peer Buddy Club

Sponsor:Kelly Daniels
President: McKenna Blanks
Vice President: Kyla Dyes
Treasurer: Gracie Bass 
Secretary: Marwa Pippin 
Historian: Cassidy Hobbs &Courtney Hulsman 
Fundraising: Daniel Odom  
Events: Khiley Petron 

The goal of our club is to help students with disabilities form friendships with their peers. We have parties, play games, and socialize. Also, we participate in the buddy walk for Down’s Syndrome every November and in the Bay County area games for Special Olympics every spring.

Pep Club

Sponsor:Aaron Teplicek
President:Daeja Williamson
Vice President:Dakota Roy
Historian: Emily Mckinley

Pep Club helps support Mosley’s Athletic Teams. We travel to various away games and provide the school body with themes to show unity in support of our athletics.

Poseidon Yearbook Club

Sponsor:Amy Hughes
President:Maya Porter
Vice President: Lindsey Beauchamp
Sports Editor: Trevor Byron
Design Editor: Sammy Britain 
Copy Editor: Trey Hemmings  

Yearbook is a club as well as a class that requires students to maintain high grades as well as attendance to create the Mosley Yearbook each year.

Recycling club

Sponsor: Ms. Hair
President: Victoria Routt
Vice President:Jordan Bradley
Secretary: Laurabelle Corbin
Treasurer: Sara Grace Wirrick
Historian: Taryn Houghton
A.R.M. : Hayden Henneberg
M.R. : Luke Harrison
B.M. : Kristi Jones
V.B.M. : Allie Shelton

We will set out bins around the school for recycling.

S.A.A.C (Students Against Animal Cruelty)

Sponsor: Stacy Brady
President: Chrystina Kindos
Vice President:Sierra Kieth
Secretary:Emily Mckinley
Treasurer: Hailey Smith
Historian:Sydney Clifton

Volunteer at Humane Society and raising awareness. T-shirts are 15$ (Club dues included)

Semper Fi

Sponsor:MSGT Hicks
President: Cadet Capt. Isabelle Williams
Vice President: Cadet Capt. Lorenzo Walker
Treasurer: Cadet 2nd LT Holly Sogn 
Secretary: Cadet 2nd LT Alexandra Polon 
Historian: Cadet 2nd LT Kyara Mimms 

JROTC is an elective class/club which meets the graduation requirement for physical education. Cadets are also provided an opportunity to assist in their community through program sponsored “civic service” activities, participate on drill, color guard, rifle and physical training teams.
JROTC provides regular feedback on how well the Cadet is doing in the form of promotions and military type awards.
Additionally, many students indicate that the friendships they make while a Cadet are some of the most steadfast associations they have while in high school. Cadets develop physical and mental toughness.Finally, while this is not a military recruitment program, some Cadets choose to serve our nation in a branch of the armed forces. Those Cadets completing just two years of Junior ROTC can enter the service at a higher rank and pay.

S2S (Students 2 students)

Sponsor: Jenny Collier
President:Alex Kledzik
Vice President:  Kayla Williams
Secretary: Makayla Wade
Librarian: Lianna Jones

Most military-connected students move six to nine times during their school years. Feeling like the perpetual “new kid” can be stressful- Just finding someone to eat lunch with can make a difference. Encouraging 100% acceptance is a hallmark of this successful club that brings military-connected civilian kids together. The group welcomes incoming students to Mosley, and helps departing students prepare for their next school.

SWAT (Students Working Against Tobacco)

Sponsor: Leslie Lisenbee
President: Ryan Bird
Vice President: Brandon Fester and Ashelynn Allgood
Secretary: Emily House and Julia Sloan

Youth Alive

Sponsor:Melody Bass
President:Luke Cornelius
Vice President:Gracie Frederickson
Secretary: Page Frederickson
Treasurer:Emma Beck
Historian: Taylor Gay

Youth Alive is a club meant to be a place where students can build a relationship with God but also their peers.Our goal is to reach out within or school and community with the love of Christ and show the positive impacts of a relationship with God through acts of kindness and friendship.

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