Athelete Code of Conduct


Mosley High School has an outstanding history and tradition in a variety of athletics. We would also like to remind you that participating in any of our activity programs is a privilege and with this privilege goes tremendous responsibility. Your image will reflect the perception from people of what our athletics, community, and school is all about. It is important that you use good judgment and display mature behavior at all times. You are in a leadership role and this can never be overemphasized. It does not matter whether you are a freshman or a senior, you must be a positive role model since you have the greatest impact on our programs, school and community.

As a part of the total educational program at Mosley High School, every student has an equal opportunity to participate in our athletic programs. It is the aim of our athletic department that all students who have met their educational requirements are given the opportunity to participate in the various activities offered by a very competent staff.

Mosley High School is a member of the FHSAA, (Florida High School Activities Association) and adheres to their policies and guidelines. We offer a very extensive athletic program which competes and participates in a variety of student interests. We welcome your participation in our athletic program and extend to you our assistance and best wishes for a successful experience.


Participation in athletics is a privilege and not a right. Students who decide to participate shall be expected to exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, behavior and fair play. Students who are unable to abide by the expectations established by Mosley High School will be subject to disciplinary action. These expectations will be enforced year round from the time the student enrolls until the time they graduate.


In addition, students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities are expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA (“C” average) each grading period. Students who do not maintain a 2.0 GPA or who have failed one or more classes in a term must be actively engaged in school documented efforts to improve their learning performance. Lack of follow-through by the student will result in ineligibility for all extra-curricular activities until the students GPA comes up above a 2.0.

A student shall be eligible through age nineteen (19) unless the student shall become twenty (20) during a sport season, in which eligibility shall terminate on the first day of the sport season.

Students wishing to participate must also have the following documentation on file in the Athletic Directors office; a physical exam (EL2), Parent Permission and insurance waiver signed by the student and his/her parents (EL3), Heat and Concussion form (EL3CH) and a signed copy of the Athletic Code of Conduct.

Athletic Code of Ethics
Fair, hard play at all times, showing respect for opponents, officials and spectators.
Conduct with the highest degree of character on and off the field.
Faithful completion of schoolwork as practical evidence of commitment to school and team.
Complete observance of all training rules and school policies.
Give opponents the credit for their ability and the respect you would hope to receive in return.
Be modest and considerate in victory; be gracious in defeat.
Realize it is an honor and a privilege to represent Mosley High School.
Realize that team success comes before individual recognition.
Sportsmanship and competition are the primary reasons for high school athletics

Athletes, who are absent from school for reasons other than illness, will have their eligibility left to the discretion of the administration. Practice is mandatory unless personally excused by the coach

Athletes will not display behavior on or off the playing field which, in the opinion of the coaching staff or administration, is considered insubordinate or inappropriate to standards of conduct, attitude or sportsmanship.

Punishment will be handled by the coach and the school Administration. The range of punishment goes from verbal warning to dismissal from the team. Any conduct resulting in fines from the FHSAA will be paid by the student and he/she will not be allowed back on the field until the fines are paid to the school.

Athletes will refrain from the use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and the illegal use or possession of drugs, including steroids.

1st Offense: The athlete will be suspended from competition for one calendar year from the date the offense is reported to the Athletic Director. This may be reduced to 50% of an athletic season if the athlete successfully completes an approved substance abuse program, at the family’s expense. The 50% will be based on the number of scheduled contests. In the event 50% of the season does not remain in that sport season, the balance of this suspension will carry over to the athlete’s next sport season. (50% will be rounded to nearest whole number.)

2nd Offense: The athlete is no longer allowed to compete in athletics at Mosley High School.

Students and parents have the right to appeal a disciplinary action to the Activity Council. The Council is comprised of the Assistant Principal, Principal or his designee, and a club sponsor.

Hazing by any member of athletic team is prohibited at Mosley High School. Hazing is prohibited whenever it occurs on school premises or in connection with any athletic affiliated group or activity. Student-athletes who violate the prohibition against hazing are subject to discipline. Any criminal complaints will be reported to law enforcement.

Student-Athletes are responsible for information contained in written or electronic transmissions (e.g., email) and any information posted in a public domain, e.g., internet, chat room, Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube. Student-athletes are not precluded from participation in such online social networks or cyber communities. However, student-athletes are reminded that they serve as representatives of Mosley High School and, as such, student-athletes’ sites are reflective of themselves, their team, their coach, the Department of Athletics and Mosley High School.

Inappropriate or embarrassing information or pictures will not be posted to any public domain. Displaying indiscreet or hurtful comments about student-athletes, coaches, teams, administrators and/or the Department of Athletics will not be tolerated.

When participating in interscholastic Athletics, we expect student-athletes to attend all practices and contests during their season. Vacations are not encouraged during a sport season. Head Coaches Team Rules will prevail in the event of such missed practice or contests. During the sports season your high school team activities shall take precedence over all select or outside athletic programs.

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